Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Solar-Terrestrial

About MIST

MIST is the community of Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Solar-Terrestrial researchers working in the United Kingdom. We represent the interests of MIST scientists and hold meetings to showcase MIST science twice a year.

  • News: News relevant to members of the MIST community.
  • Science: MIST science nuggets, as well as briefing papers designed to introduce policymakers to our research.
  • Meetings: Details of upcoming MIST meetings and summer schools, as well as the list of past MIST meetings.
  • Community: Find out about MIST researchers through the UK, MIST Council, MIST's mailing list, as well as the MIST Charter and history of the organisation.
  • Awards: The awards that MIST researchers are eligible for, alongside a list of those who have been honoured.

Call for nominations to MIST Council

The membership of MIST Council is staggered, such that each year at least one position becomes vacant each year. This year there is one post up for election. If you would like to stand for election, or would like to nominate someone else, then please email Rob Fear (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by the 31st May.

If you wish to nominate someone else, please first check with them to ensure they are willing to stand.

The elected candidate will join Mike Hapgood, Emma Woodfield, Mario Bisi and Rob Fear, all of whom remain on MIST Council. If you would like more information about what membership of MIST Council entails, then please contact one of them.

The election timetable is as follows:

Friday 31st May - close of nominations
Monday 3rd June - polls open
Friday 28th June - polls close
Monday 1st July - result announced