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MIST is the community of Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Solar-Terrestrial researchers working in the United Kingdom. We represent the interests of MIST scientists and hold meetings to showcase MIST science twice a year.

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RAS Awards 2014

Congratulations to several members of the MIST community who have been awarded RAS prizes this year:

  • The Cassini Magnetometer team, which includes several members of the UK MIST community, and which is led by Michele Dougherty, has been awarded the Group Achievement Award for achievement by a large consortium in geophysics. This recognises the crucial role of the magnetometer in many of the wonderful discoveries enabled by the Cassini mission.

  • Mark Lester has been awarded the RAS service award which honours an individual who, through outstanding or exceptional work, has promoted, facilitated or encouraged the sciences of astronomy, geophysics, or solar-system sciences and developed their role in the life of the nation, often beyond the requirements of their paid position. The Award recognises Mark’s outstanding and selfless service to the UK and international solar-terrestrial physics community through representation, advocacy and leadership – and especially his contribution to, and leadership of, the ground-based ionospheric radar community nationally and internationally.

  • Sandra Chapman will give the 2014 James Dungey lecture, which is now an annual lecture given by a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to solar, solar-terrestrial or planetary physics. This recognises Sandra’s outstanding contributions to our understanding of the solar wind and the magnetosphere.

More details on the 2014 RAS awards including further information about these winners is available on the RAS web site.