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MIST recognised in 2018 RAS awards

MIST Council would like to congratulate those who have been recognised for contributions to the field by the Royal Astronomical Society recently, but particularly we would like to congratulate those members of the MIST community who are to be honoured at the next National Astronomy Meeting.

Emma Bunce has won the Chapman Medal for outstanding contributions to the understanding of the magnetospheres of gas giants, Matt Taylor has won the Service Award for his exceptional work in co-ordinating and contributing to ESA's Rosetta mission, and Jim Wild has been awarded the James Dungey lectureship for his excellent and highly relevant work on substorms and reconnection in the magnetotail. We would also like to congratulate Kerri Donaldson Hanna for winning the Winton Award for planetary science.

MIST Council applauds each of the winners, alongside the other academics who will be recognised in Liverpool this spring!

More details are available at the RAS website.

New MIST councillors in 2017

Congratulations to Jasmine Sandhu and Jonny Rae, both at MSSL, who have been elected (and, in Jonny’s case, re-elected) to MIST Council. They join Ian McCrea (Chair - RAL), Sarah Badman (Lancaster), Luke Barnard (Reading) and John Coxon (Southampton), all of whom continue in their posts.

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Rishbeth Prizes 2017

Congratulations to Jade Reidy (University of Southampton) and Mervyn Freeman (British Antarctic Survey) for winning this year's Rishbeth prizes for their presentations at the National Astronomy Meeting at the University of Hull this July.

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Nigel Wade

Nigel Wade
Nigel Wade - University of Leicester

It is with deep sadness that we have to inform the MIST community of the untimely death after a short illness of Nigel Wade who worked in the Radio and Space Plasma Physics (RSPP) group at Leicester for over 30 years.

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New Members of MIST Council

After a hard-fought campaign by the five candidates, the results of the MIST Council elections are now in!

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MIST at NAM 2013: Call for Parallel Sessions

As discussed at our business meeting in Manchester, MIST will join in the 2013 National Astronomy Meeting as usual. Please note that this meeting is in July, rather than March/April, but the presence of the meeting in St. Andrews provides an excellent opportunity for joint sessions with the UK Solar Physics Community.

Below is the call for session proposals; proposals on current topics in MIST science are strongly encouraged, in order to ensure that we have a series of good MIST sessions, both oral and poster, throughout the meeting period.

Dear Colleagues

RAS National Astronomy Meeting 2013
St Andrews, 1-5 July 2013
Call for Parallel Session Nominations

We are writing on behalf of the Scientific Organising Committee of the RAS National Astronomy Meeting 2013.

As many of you may know NAM 2013 will be held in St Andrews, 1-5 July 2013, and will incorporate both the UK Solar Physics (UKSP) and Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Solar-Terrestrial (MIST) meetings.

The NAM 2013 programme will include 8 plenary lectures and a public lecture covering a range of topics in solar and plasma physics, planetary and exoplanetary science, stellar and extragalactic astrophysics, astro-particle physics and cosmology, highlighting also the UK's role in key current and future space missions and ground-based facilities.

The NAM 2013 programme will include slots for several dozen parallel sessions, each of 90 minutes' duration, with further sessions in the programme dedicated for poster viewing.

On behalf of the NAM 2013 Scientific Organising Committee we would like to invite from the community nominations for parallel session themes for the 2013 meeting. Nominations are welcomed for any topic or research area considered relevant to the NAM, UKSP and MIST meetings. Particularly welcomed are nominations likely to have broad cross-community appeal.

At this stage nominees for parallel sessions are requested to submit to the SOC the following information by e-mail :

  1. Theme and provisional title of parallel session.
  2. Brief (i.e. a few sentences) rationale for its nomination
  3. Name(s) and e-mail address(es) of the session organiser(s)
  4. Proposed duration (how many 1.5-hour blocks?) and justification.
  5. Size of the anticipated audience.

The SOC will be pleased to consider nominations for multiple parallel sessions - i.e. 2 or more sessions with a linked theme that could run across several days of the NAM programme.

The SOC also particularly welcomes nominations for themes that are regarded as timely, e.g. relating to current or upcoming missions.

Please send session nominations by e-mail (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by 9 December 2013.

The NAM 2013 SOC will meet shortly thereafter to review the nominations received. It is expected that the final programme of parallel sessions will be drawn up before the end of Feb 2013.

Best regards

Keith Horne & Ineke De Moortel

University of St Andrews